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"small business, big heart"



House on the Rock Clothing Co.

I started House on the Rock Clothing Co. when I was taking a leave from work and wanting to slow life down.  Since moving to the country, and raising my 3 small children, I keep feeling the need to simplify.  Our new small (900 sq feet!) house is quite literally on a large granite rock.  Since this home and landscape are what pushed me to make this career change I started my passion and named it “House on the Rock Clothing Co.”.   I make clothing (children’s to adult) using fabric sourced from other small Canadian shops, even the pompoms on my toques are handmade in Ontario!  I cut, sew and pack all the orders myself, with “help” some days from the kids.  
My love for the environment also has inspired me to focus on grow with me clothing since 1 piece can last 3x as long as regularly sized clothing.  In line with the natural/environmental idea of grow clothing, I also began to focus more on patchwork pieces since it allows me to use my smaller pieces of fabric that may have otherwise been thrown  out
Hearing from past customers, helping someone shape their visions, and getting to know great people in this “maker” world have all helped me realize this is where I want to be.  Finding out my Grandmother, who I never met, was a seamstress was even more proof to me that I am on the right track.  Maybe this just “ran in the family” all along?!



Homemade by Melissa

I started my homemade granola business in March 2020. What began as a healthy alternative granola for family and friends has quickly blossomed into a product that I am so very proud to share with all. My granola is made in small batches, in Sunderland Ontario, using locally sourced ingredients, made in Canada. All granola is 100% guaranteed nut free. What started as 1 flavour has quickly expanded to monthly specials, gluten free and vegan options.

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Sticker Up Signs

Karen Pennings, a born and raised Canadian, has over 25 years of graphic design experience.  Her father was in the Canadian Armed Forces, so she moved around a lot. She developed a love for art because it was always something that travelled with her.  As she grew up, she knew she wanted a career in the art industry. When Karen was in high school she got her first experience in the graphic design world. She was placed in a co-op for the Canadian Armed Force graphic design department and immediately fell in love with the work.  After high school, she attended Durham College for graphic design, where she proceeded to work for several different graphic design companies, all of which she learned a different selection of diverse skills. After working for other companies, Karen got married to a self employed landscaper and had five children. With her first pregnancy, she decided to quit her job and began to freelance, so she could raise her children. On top of being a freelancer and stay at home mom that lives on a farm, Karen was and still is an office manager and fill in labour worker for her husband’s landscaping company.  While she attended college, one of her endeavors was working at a sign shop. Through this, she gained knowledge and a passion for the industry.  Her business idea came into play when her husband bought a new truck for his landscape business and it needed decals. That’s when Karen decided to buy sign equipment, start a business and do the decals herself.  She called her business Sticker Up Signs, due to the fact that all of her work starts with a sticker, and to show she does more than just signs. As of today, Karen has had much success with her small business.  She has done a lot of local work around Kawartha Lakes and has even added heat transfer equipment to do uniforms and clothing.  Karen loves her work and plans to grow her business further.



CJ Creations

Being blessed with the opportunity to become a stay at home mom of 2, I wanted to create something where I could continue to stay home with our girls & contribute financially ... but to also do what I love to do... and that’s creating beautiful custom decor & signs for you !



Crave Jewelry

Hi, I’m Kim and I am the owner and creator of Crave Jewelry.  I was born and raised in Bruce County and only moved to Lindsay in my early twenties, for love of course!  I’m now happily married with 2 beautiful boys living the quiet country life.  Crave Jewelry was born when I was off work and fighting stage 3 breast cancer.  I'm happy to say my treatments were successful and in it all I found my true passion which is creating jewelry. All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind designs using semi-precious stones and incorporating wood and metal elements to create a funky boho-chic vibe.



Morning Glory Tea Company

I'm Victoria Black, owner of Morning Glory Tea Company and creator of our artisan loose leaf tea blends. I started Morning Glory Tea Co. with a passion and a purpose. My passion is enjoying premium quality teas that are flavourful, colourful, and playful while being wholesome all the way through. My purpose is to create locally blended and artfully crafted loose leaf teas in the City of Kawartha Lakes that deliver the flavour and quality of a premium tea brand.



Me and Mom Christmas Crafts

Me & Mom Christmas Crafts is the creative duo of Reagan and Stephanie Bentley.  Our small crafting business developed as a way to spend quality family time together, while having fun and learning about small business. We have grown up in the Kawartha Lakes and enjoy the small town atmosphere and community.



Inez Imagined

I launched this business in July of 2020, amidst a global pandemic. I am a student who suddenly had a lot of free time when everything closed down for the pandemic in March and very quickly, I started to get bored and restless. I was searching for things to do when I found my great-grandmother's sewing machine in the basement, so I decided to clean it off. Before long I was reading the manual and googling all sorts of stuff because I had no idea how to sew or use a sewing machine. As the days passed by, I was learning more and more about the sewing machine and about sewing in general. I decided I wanted a new hair scrunchie, so I started cutting up old t-shirts and sewing them into scrunchies, practicing over and over and learning more tricks and techniques as I went. I found the time was flying by and I really enjoyed sewing, so I devised a business plan and got to work. Now a few months later I am busy selling the hair scrunchies that I have poured my time, energy, and love into during these times of chaos. The name of my business was inspired by my great-grandmother who I share my middle name with, Inez. I hope these scrunchies and masks can bring joy to others during these uncertain times.



Pegzie Creations

My name is Meg. My business name is an honour to my dad's memory by using a version of his nickname for me: Peg.
I started crocheting as a way to meditate for anxiety & depression. It quickly became something I fell in-love with so I had to share my passion.Everything I make is 100% cotton, washable, reusable, & zero waste. I am excited to be creating products that are useful, and eco-friendly. Thank you so much for supporting my passion!



Sully & Co. Handmade

Hi Everyone! I'm Elizabeth Humphrey, Owner and Creator of Sully & Co. Handmade.  I have always had one foot in some sort of artistic enterprise since I was a youth, whether it be Fashion, Marketing, Merchandising, or simply just letting my imagination create.  The roots of Sully & Co. began when my mother taught me how to knit a few years ago, (I finally embraced it in my early thirties after many futile attempts as an impatient child/teenager!) and I ended up falling in love with the creation process.  I started dabbling in other fibre mediums; beginning with weaving and making my way to Macrame, where I really fell in love. I could see that this artistic (and therapeutic!) outlet was beginning to become something more tangible; something I could market.  I soon created the brand and company name (Sully is my first born fur-baby :) !!), and with the encouragement of family and friends, have been growing ever since.  It has been such a wonderful experience getting to know the contributors and supporters to this shop local/small business community, and I can’t wait to see where it all takes me!

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Haliburton Lake Wear

Ontario Cottage Country stole my heart at an early age. Like so many of you, I've made countless memories here. From learning to fish, tubing behind my best friend's tin-boat, and cliff jumping on Kennisis Lake, to art camp at Camp White Pine, snowmobile weekends and New Years' on Haliburton Lake, working as a Baker at Onondaga Camp on Middle Bob Lake (and that 4am fresh bread smell!), to my bachelorette party at Bark Lake, northern Ontario is one of my favorite places on earth! I am extremely fortunate to have a family cottage in Haliburton and look forward to many more adventures here!
I started Haliburton Lake Wear because creating things for people brings me a lot of joy. I hope you enjoy our products just as much as I enjoy creating them. 
I am fascinated by custom apparel and wanted to combine my passion for business, the arts, and my love for the Haliburton Highlands. When I'm not working at my full-time job for a pretty sweet car company, I'm crafting! 
I am experimenting with a few types of production, from Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Vinyl and leather work, out of my home based studio. As I master this new craft, I hope to add many more products. Stay tuned - the best is yet to come!

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Pink Lemon Decor

Pink Lemon Decor offers simple, timeless signs and prints for the modern home. Based out of Bowmanville, owner Amber founded Pink Lemon in 2015 after leaving her decade-long career in the corporate world. Pink Lemon is also the first in Durham Region to launch the Wildflower Boutique- a 1975 vintage camper turned mobile shop! Find more at www.pinklemondecor.com



Mamas Making Malas

We are Dana and Karen the mamas behind Mamas Making Malas, designing and making mala necklaces and bracelets. This whole adventure started on a sunny morning in Omemee, trying to find some calm in the chaos of a summers day with 5 boys.  We both find the art of a creating a mala to be very calming and bring that calm to each unique piece we create.  We enjoy mixing stone and wood to create beautiful pieces and love to collaborate on custom pieces. Malas can be worn as a necklace, used for meditation practice or worn around the wrist.  Each contains 108 beads, a guru bead to join them together followed by a tassel. Bead meanings and names can be found on their tags.



Billy's Soaps

All of our soaps are 100% hand made in small batches. They are beautiful cold processed soaps and are coloured with natural ingredients which produce an earthier looking soap. We love the environment that’s why all of our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. 

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Thoughtfully Handmade

Hi! My name is Yandy, and I'm the owner of Thoughtfully Handmade. I'm also a full-time university student at the University of Toronto pursuing a double major in Criminology and Philosophy. Since 2016, I’ve strived to provide uniquely handmade cards, bookmarks and gift tags to help people gift more thoughtfully and save them from awkward gift-giving situations. I chose to start my own business because I was (and still am) sick and tired of the impersonal, mass-produced cards in the market today. I'm sure you feel the same. I love helping my customers spread positivity. It's another reason Thoughtfully Handmade exists! What better way to spread positivity than with cards? I mean, you don’t give someone a card for a negative reason, right? I want everyone to be more thoughtful and intentional with our gift-giving! By buying one of my cards, not only are you supporting a small business and a crafter, but you are also helping Toronto Environmental Alliance. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to building a greener Toronto! I donate 10 cents from every item sold to them.



Cedar + Wren

I am a polymer clay artist from the Kawarthas.  My business Cedar + Wren provides me with an outlet for my creative side since my other career is very detail oriented and structured.  My inspiration for all of my work is Mother Nature.  The blues of the Kawartha Lakes, the green tones of the forest canopy and the shades of brown and gold in the Canadian Shield provide my colour palette.  My teenage daughters or “wrens” help me with markets and provide advice when I need it.  My main products consist of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair barrettes.  I’ve also enjoyed making fun seasonal scrunchies, especially plaid and velvet for fall and winter.  My pieces can be found in Peterborough, Fenelon Falls and Lakefield.



Lolli & Boo

At Lolli & Boo we are proudly Canadian and working toward lessening our negative impact on the environment for future generations. With this in mind, our creations are made incorporating materials that are made with zero synthetics, with the added goal of keeping our products Canadian from start to finish.



The Nature in Us

More and more people are opting for cleaner, eco-friendly skin care options. We want to know and control what we are putting on our bodies. Skin is our largest organ, and everything that touches it gets filtered through our liver. Almost all or most of homemade soap ingredients can be read in one breath, and you'll know exactly how the product is sourced, how it is made, and what you are absorbing.



Through The Looking Glass

TTLG (Through the Looking Glass Creations) is my post retirement passion after 40 years in the Canadian banking industry.  With three daughters and seven grandchildren, retirement has finally given me the opportunity to engage with my creative side  Hand crafting each unique piece is incredibly fulfilling, and nothing pleases me more than the enthusiasm my customers express about the items they’ve bought from me.  I work with genuine cork, cotton, canvas and faux leather.  The beautiful  ’Diva’ wallet is, by far, our most popular style!  It carries most cell phones, 24 loyalty/credit cards, change, receipts, money, and your keys which takes you from the beach to the boardroom.  We do custom orders too!



Ficklefrog Studio

Cindy Reynolds is the creative force behind Ficklefrog Studio, located in the rolling hills of Bethany, Ontario. Her inspiration for three dimensional stained glass designs is found in her backyard. She is also a seamstress designer with emphasis on upcycling textiles, including teddybears from fur coats and shoulder bags incorporating vintage vinyl records. Custom orders are always welcome. You can see her varied work on instagram @ficklefrogstudio.



Soy Candles

Lavlee Creations is a husband and wife team who happily call Kawartha Lakes home.  The name Lavlee is a witty blend of our first names just as the company is a blend of our creativity.  We are so happy to be apart of the Kawartha Artisan Market




My name is Nicole Hederson, I am a fiber artist. My business is called 2needlesandahook. I have been a crafter my whole life, I learned to knit at a very young age, and three years ago I started selling my work. Since then, I have learned how to make macrame and I’ve worked hard at growing my business. I focus most of my making on macrame plant hangers and soy wax candles, these are my best sellers. I have other macrame products that I make which include keychains and wall hangings.



Humble Bee Candles

I'm Natalie, the maker behind Humble Bee Candles. I started the candle making journey in 2017 during my most depressed/stressed out time at work. I was bullied and physically abused, and at that time I needed to de-stress and do something to remind myself even though the world is crazy, I will not repay an eye for an eye, and after couple of months of arts and crafts, I've created a series of candles to remind myself to be kind and be humble :)  I hope to sprinkle encouragement to those around me, a little bit at a time.



Reusable Food Wrap

Sweet Bee Beeswax Food Wraps was created to reduce single use plastics and preserve food better. Our beeswax food wraps are meticulously handmade using local beeswax, 100% cotton, food-grade pine resin and organic jojoba oil. We also offer our wraps in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and will be transitioning to all organic cotton eventually.



A Bark Above

We create Dog Banadana's, Bows, and Cat Nip Toys.



Birdees Botties

Hi! I’m Joanne. The maker behind Birdees Booties. This little business started as a side hustle to my home childcare business. I retired from a 28 yr career running a home childcare in April 2019 & Birdees Booties quickly became my full time job. You will always find me with a crochet hook or knitting needles in hand with a bag of my favourite wool beside me. The soles of the booties are created using repurposed leather from a local furniture factory. They are hand cut, hole punched and lined using felted vintage wool blankets or cotton sherpa. Uppers are crochet/knit using a wool blend for warmth & durability. My hope is that you will enjoy them just as much as I have enjoyed creating something special for you to pass on to the next generation.



Shari's Essentials

My name is Shari and I make all natural products infused with essential oils. I started this business because my oldest daughter suffered from skin issues and allergies. I started experimenting with essential oils and began eliminating chemicals in my home. I became obsessed with making alternatives for my family and continued to grow in the products i can offer.



Mariposa Woolen Mill

We features wool and woolen products milled from our flock and processed right here on the farm. You can find our dryer balls and felting kits in the market.

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Catherine & Candles

My name is Émeraude Domingos-Mbuku and I am the founder of Catherine & Co. I named this small company after my mother because all my business sense comes from her. Catherine was born three years after the Democratic Republic of the Congo gained its independence from Belgium. It was a turbulent time in the state and women often took on "masculine" and "unbecoming" roles to feed their families and to make their mark in the world. Her mother—my grandmother—was a business woman and the two spent a lot of time together selling baked goods at their shop in the mornings and delivering food products to nearby towns in the afternoons. When my mother arrived in Canada in the late 1980s, she had to learn a new set of skills as hers were no longer relevant. When I told her I wanted to start a candle company, she was the first person to tell me that it wouldn’t be easy and that I should remain passionate about what I do in order to succeed. She had watched her mother do it for years, after all. My mother is my biggest supporter and while I may not be following in her exact footsteps, I hold her ideologies near me. For this reason, Catherine & Co. aims to create clean-burning candles at affordable prices through the sourcing of ethical materials from the most reputable companies in North America.



H&H Baby Chews

Im Sheryl Ball, I created H&H when my daughter was 4 months old. I was on a quest for something that she would love, teething wise. The business is named after my irish twins named Hudson & Hannah .... they were born just 11.5 months apart.



Green Guac

My name is Carrie and I’m the creator/maker behind Green Guac. We’re a waste free solution for so summers looking for easy swaps!

We believe in a greener earth, less waste and more reusables. Green Guac stands behind empowering everyone, promoting a positive outlook on life and educating consumers on the easy ways of making the change from single use plastics.

We use cotton materials and when leather is in use, ours is vegan (yay).



JC Jewellery

Hi my name is Julie and I am the owner and creator of JC Jewellery.  I am a resident of Fenelon Falls and a single mother of three small children. I create Anxiety Diffuser bracelets for your Essential oils, I find that using aromatherapy can help to reduce and relieve stress and anxiety!



Fluid Concept

My name is Laura Ricketts, the maker behind Fluid Concept.  I primarily work with silk, resin and stone.  



Kinglet Collective

Hi! My name is Julie, and I own Knots for Wildlife. I’m a second year Fish and Wildlife Student at Fleming College in Lindsay, and I currently work as a Wildlife Keeper at the Toronto Wildlife Centre. I started the business in November 2019 mainly due to the fact that I loved creating things for myself, and I was making so much that I needed to start selling some of it. I decided to unite my love of making things with my love for wildlife rehabilitation by creating a business where proceeds from what I sell would be donated to various wildlife rehab centres. As of August 1st, I have donated over $600 to wildlife rehab. I initially only made macrame plant hangers and wall hangings, but in January I picked up crocheting and also started to sew again, so my item range has broadened quite a bit. I am focusing on masks at the moment, but in October when I finish working I will return to making crocheted animals, accessories & clothing, zero waste goods, macrame, as well as scrunchies and more. Because I now make so many different items, I am planning on doing some rebranding to make my business name more accurate and represent the business differently. I didn’t expect my business to grow as fast as it has, but Covid made my sales spike quite suddenly in April.




Custom children clothes, including bibs, onsies & matching kid/parent shirts.

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Cotes Crafts

Truthfully, there’s not much of a story behind why I started making resin products, stickers and handmade scrunchies, besides boredom. My grandma passed away before I was born and my dad had saved her 1958 singer sewing machine and taught me how to use it. I am an only child who lives with just her dad, so sometimes I get pretty bored and by doing my crafts it keeps me occupied for hours and hours everyday. 
I love what I do and I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me along the way! Thank you.



JK Beads

Maker of handcrafted beaded bracelets, anklets, necklaces & pendants. Each product is made with love and care.

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Little Ranch Co.

Hello! My name is Maggie and I am the maker behind Little Ranch Co. I am currently a stay at home mom with my two year old son, William and my 8month old daughter, Millie. Once the kids are asleep I spend my nights creating new designs and filling orders! I started this company because I love making clothes for myself and my kids (especially ones that match). I am a local Fenelon girl and I am very happy to be able to display my clothing right here in my hometown. I hope you enjoy my creations and I appreciate all your support



Lady by the Lake

Thank you for checking out my business. Lady by the lake was first created in honour of a family friend, Lesley, who recently passed away from cancer. I wanted to make people smile the way Lesley made me smile. I started with creating a small pair of earrings and selling them to family and friends. I then created an Instagram page (@ladybythelakeproducts) to get my products onto social media. I now have an Etsy Shop (@ladybythelakedesigns) and have been selling my jewelry across the world. A special thank you goes to my mom who has always encouraged my creativity, and to everyone else who has supported my small business. I hope you enjoy!



Fresh Essences

My name is Roxanne Perry and my business is called Fresh Essences. I currently live in Port Hope with my husband and my 13 year old daughter. 4 Years ago my daughter asked me if we could make bath bombs. So like any mom would, I thought sure, we can do that! Wow did I learn a lesson lol.  That was nearly 3 years ago now and I had no idea I would be where I am now. As for my daughter and bath bombs, lets just say she doesn’t want to make them anymore  bummer.




Handmade accessories and more! 
Satin/Fabric scrunchies and face masks for kids and adults



Embody Nature

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Fluid Artist

Hi my name is Donna. I started painting in May after Covid dictated that we all stay home. Like most people I was looking for something to do to fill the days. I have since become a Fluid Artist addict! I also do coaster sets and cheese boards with acrylics and epoxy. Tackling alcohol inks lately to see if I have success with that medium. That drew me to want to display my art at the Market was the way Christine and Arianna encourage kindness and support of fellow artisans. You will always be welcomed to come and explore the talent found in the Kawartha's and surroundings areas. I hope you enjoy my artwork. This is a perfect time in an imperfect year to support small businesses.

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Leather Artist

Thank you for supporting my small business!

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Oil Painter

Deborah has been painting in oils for over 30 years – sometimes well and
sometimes not so much! Although she has no formal education in the arts,
she has worked closely over the years with artists that she admires – Poul
Thrane (from whom she learned the joy of painting outdoors and really being
in the moment); Mary Lampman (who beat some solid basics into her) and
Lucy Manley ( who celebrates Deborah’s love of pure colour and thick paint.)
Deborah has enjoyed great support from the Mattel Corporation, who
hosted a private show; from Deloitte & Touche who allowed her to work part
time to pursue her passion, and from the various galleries and locations that
have shown her work – Gallery on the Lake, Buckhorn; The Whitby Library,
Camp Samac, The Firehall Bistro and lastly, from the Judiciary of the Superior Court, Oshawa.  Deborah’s first choice is always to paint outdoors; imagine painting a barn scene when you can smell fresh cut hay, or a lakeside landscape when you can hear the loons calling, always full of delight at the colours you can find in the
forest …. exploring all the backroads in search of inspiration.
"I hope you enjoy what you see and that something you gaze at pulls out a

memory and makes you wonder …"



This Little Homestead

When my son was born In 2017, I made the decor for his nursery and shortly after, I started having friends and family interested in what I was making. Over the years I grew into making home decor, signs, apparel and a number of different things but coffee mugs are my newest adventure. I love being able to add a little fun and personality to your coffee time! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and continues to support me! I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!



Swampdog Ceramics

Our business name is Swampdog Ceramics.  We are a family run, small batch pottery shop that currently specializes in functional mugs, cups, tumblers, bowls, planters and vases, and will be expanding our collection to include butter dishes, small ceramic trinkets and pet food bowls/dishes over the winter.  Our pottery is all unique, and although we do occasionally do runs of multiple items in the same colour or theme, we often have one of a kind items for sale.



The Chunky Knit Co.

I would like to introduce myself I’m Taylor Watson, I am the creator of The Chunky Knit Company. I create large chunky knit blankets - each created carefully and unique from one another.